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26th March 2012

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Former Google Employees Vows to Stop Google & Others From Tracking Users →



Google’s tracking of users has been a greatly-exposed practice the search engine giants were caught carrying out. Firstly, they were caught tracking users from Apple’s browser, Safari, whilst Microsoft then caught Google tracking Internet Explorer users. For a firm who state “Don’t be Evil” as their motto, it seems it has been the exact opposite for the company. Google then took the drastic decision of changing its privacy policy to an extent where European authorities wanted it to be investigated for any potential infringement of laws. The company has been heavily criticized in their part of protecting user privacy and it seems former employees are set to take action against their previous employers.

In order to assist users to protect their privacy, two former Google employees have created a company with the sole intention of preventing companies like Google to track users. delivers a plug-in for Google Chrome which essentially prevents websites including Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo to track the browser’s users:

Advertisers and other third parties track, clutter, and slow down your web browsing. Disconnect makes the web your business not theirs.

Available for free, users can download’s plug-in for Google Chrome via their website, which also states:

We think your personal info should be treated with respect, that you should be the steward of your digital self, that you should own your own data. But today, you’re getting a bum deal. Thousands of companies and organizations are taking, analyzing, and auctioning off things like the history of thewebpages you go to and searches you do, without even telling you. So we’re building a platform to put you back in charge and let you decide who does what with your online data. has received over 400,000 weekly users with the company’s plug-in and the firm itself being a few months old. However, despite its infancy has raised an initial $600,000 from Highland Capital, as well as other companies. The website is hoping to expand its plug-in in order for it to apply blocking more popular websites tracking its users.

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For Firefox users, I *think* Ghostery  offers a lot of the same functionality (i.e. blocking trackers).

BetterPrivacy, NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere are also must-haves IMHO (and possibly AdBlock Plus, if you wish). Also, <obligatory urging to download Tor*>

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