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I'm not a cynic; I may post some pretty emo/cynical stuff, but I haven't quite given up on humanity yet (just the jerks who lay claim to leading us).
I'm incredibly prone to giving up quickly on stuff like this, the only exception being twitter, but this is working out okay so far (like, it's actually lasted > a year!).
I'm libertarian, and a socialist. No that isn't self-contradictory. I'm also slightly a politics geek (and one about a few other things as well), in case you can't tell.
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29th April 2012

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Missiles over London: a new Olympic event | A Latent Existence →

I’m not some sort of expert on these, things, but a good rule of thumb to have is that if your sporting event requires ground-to-air missles for protection something, somewhere, has gone horribly wrong.

Also, eff the Olympics and all the authoritarianism they’re being used to justify.

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