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I'm not a cynic; I may post some pretty emo/cynical stuff, but I haven't quite given up on humanity yet (just the jerks who lay claim to leading us).
I'm incredibly prone to giving up quickly on stuff like this, the only exception being twitter, but this is working out okay so far (like, it's actually lasted > a year!).
I'm libertarian, and a socialist. No that isn't self-contradictory. I'm also slightly a politics geek (and one about a few other things as well), in case you can't tell.
There, that'll do.

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19th November 2012


How went from shock site to webmail service | Ars Technica →

It’s weird, I ended up having a conversation about shock sites today, and now it turns out goatse is a pay-for email thingy. I can’t even even here…

(like, really. This is an actual Thing that is happening, apparently).

18th November 2012

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Also this thing (sorry for lack of description, but I’m not sure how to do it or if anyone who follows me will benefit from it).

Also this thing (sorry for lack of description, but I’m not sure how to do it or if anyone who follows me will benefit from it).

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18th November 2012

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You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it ok for guys to call you sluts and whores.

Ms. Norbury, Mean Girls

Seriously, we have to stop doing this (and also the double standard about men and women who have sex).

(via lissynumber)

Turns out going through my own tumblr’s archives is more interesting than urgent but huge and overwhelming homework. Ah well, just going to leave this quote here.

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15th November 2012

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Jupiter is home to one of the most famous storms in the solar system, the Great Red Spot, which Earth observations place at a minimum of 180 (Earth) years in duration.  Some evidence suggests that it may have been observed by humans as early as 1665. The magnitude of such a storm is almost unimaginable. At its narrowest point, the storm is still as wide as our entire planet and observations from the Voyager crafts indicate that the storm has 250 mph winds. The scale of mixing and turbulence around the storm, seen in photographs, is stunning and beautiful. (Photo credits: NASA/Voyager 1 and Michael Benson; submitted by oneheadtoanother)

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11th November 2012

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…More specifically, when f is applied to each input sufficiently close to p, the result is an output value that is arbitrarily close to L. If the inputs "close" to p are taken to values that are very different, the limit is said to not exist.

Limit of a function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The limit does not exist!!11! (okay, fine, this is a transparent ploy to get ALL the notes (all of them), happy?). The limit may not actually exist though, the Wiki goes into more detail obvs (hard to understand detail, but detail).

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10th November 2012

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Martin Robbins: Why The Daily Mail is Evil (at The Pod Delusion’s 3rd birthday do) (by PodDelusion)

Can’t remember if I shared this on here before or not. Well, here it is (mostly for the benefit of someone who I know follows me on here and also reads the showbiz section of MailOnline).

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9th November 2012


Happy 8th Birthday, Firefox! →

I’m… I’m over 8 years older than Firefox. This is almost as weird as realising I’m 2 years older than Google…

7th November 2012

Link Mitt Romney 'Money' Shirts →

Okay, I know this is a little bit late (and not really relevant to anything), but, since my brother repeated this lil’ urban myth to me earlier today, I figured this was worth sharing.

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4th November 2012


IMDB's top 250 movies mashed into a 2.5m clip - Boing Boing →

Note: The head line is misleading. It’s the top 250 films… plus another 53.

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3rd November 2012

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10 days that shook my world | Tom Watson MP →


A chilling but necessary read. Please share.

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2nd November 2012


There’s few things as offensive as desperate, grasping capitalism and that’s what the Mail now represents. If they were true to a sliver of their projected morals then articles about underage Kardashian’s cavorting in bikinis could not sit next to outrage at the BBC grooming children for penetration by Jimmy Savile.

All Grown Up | The DM Reporter

Just leaving this here. (technically via <a @DickMandrake on twitter (broken html because I suck at it))


1st November 2012


Thought things: Why don't I write (more)? →

Woah, is this an actual blog post on my main blog? Sure looks like it. I also wrote a sequel ( since the link inserty thing isn’t working and I’m crap at html) whilst tumblr was down, since blogs are like buses apparently.

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30th October 2012


APOD: 2012 October 29 - The Red Spider Planetary Nebula →

Okay, this is pretty frickin’ awesome…

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30th October 2012


CDC Carbon Monoxide Poisoning | Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After an Emergency →

Might come in handy…

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29th October 2012


Did climate change cause Hurricane Sandy? The answer depends on why you're asking - Boing Boing →

Just sharing this thing about Hurricane Sandy.

I don’t think I have any East Coast followers on here, but, if she’s heading towards you, try to stay safe guys.

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